Long Covid

Exhaustion after Prolonged COVID. (Long COVID) After recovering from an illness, you may discover that you have trouble breathing and tire quickly. Feeling out of breath is a symptom of this. If you have had coronavirus (COVID-19), this may happen even if you did not end up in the hospital.

COVID-19 often causes patients to experience shortness of breath. It’s been referred to as feeling “winded or “breathless,” by others. After recovering from your illness, you may still have some shortness of breath. In fact, this is a typical occurrence during restoration.

Breathing difficulties are common and may occur during even the most routine of daily tasks including getting dressed, going to the restroom, ascending stairs, and doing household chores. Improving one’s endurance may be as simple as learning to regulate one’s breathing. Your lung capacity will increase, allowing you to take on more activities. These are the issues Bloom Meta Health has proudly helped those recover while under their practitioners supervision and our care. .

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  • Long Covid

    Difficulty concentrating or “brain fog”, Headache , Sleep problems, dizziness and lightheadedness when you stand up.

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    Discuss with patients the medication’s intended effects as well as any potential or predicted negative side effects.