Gabriel Salas

BMH Co-founder Gabriel Salas is a talented and accomplished professional with a wealth of experience in managing CRMs, Systems, Marketing tools, video production, graphic design,  sales operations, negotiation, and driving business growth. With a proven track record of success, Gabriel is a master at developing and executing sales strategies that increase scalability and fosters new innovations.

He has a unique blend of skills and expertise that enables him to excel in his role. A visionary leader with a strong business acumen, who can identify market trends and capitalize on opportunities to grow the business. He is also a master communicator, who can effectively engage with stakeholders across all levels of the organization to drive alignment and achieve shared goals.

Gabriel is a strategic thinker who is skilled in data analysis, market research, and forecasting. He is adept at leveraging technology to automate sales processes and improve sales performance. He is also a collaborative team player who works closely with cross-functional teams to optimize sales operations and enhance the customer experience.

Speciality Certified Salesforce Administrator, Marketing, Sales Ops
Areas of Expertise
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Systems & Technology